Should you Sue McDonalds?

Almost everyone is familiar with the McDonald’s coffee spill case. But there are many other reasons find to sue the fast food giant:

A California mother is suing McDonald’s to end the marketing of toys with Happy Meals. She says that the company’s combining toys with their (unhealthful) meals is impeding her efforts to give her kids a healthy, nutritious diet. The plaintiff, Monet Parham, has stated:

I am concerned about the health of my children and feel that McDonald’s should be a very limited part of their diet and their childhood experience,” Parham said. “But as other busy, working moms and dads know, we have to say ‘no’ to our young children so many times, and McDonald’s makes it that so much harder to do. I object to the fact that McDonald’s is getting into my kids’ heads without my permission and actually changing what my kids want to eat.

People have also filed numerous lawsuits blaming their obesity on McDonald’s. While these suits usually fail, a McDonald’s employee in Brazil won a $17,500 judgment in a Brazilian court because, he said, he was forced to sample the food, and that made him obese.

Finally, a man sued McDonald’s over the distribution of nude photos of his wife that were stored on a cell phone that he accidentally left in the restaurant. Philip Sherman, the plaintiff, said he had called the Fayette, Arkansas McDonald’s where he had left the phone and was promised that it would be stored safely until he could pick it up. Instead, someone downloaded the photos and posted them on the Internet along with McDonald’s slogans like “I’m lovin it.” The prankster(s) even included his wife’s name–stating that she was “hot as McDonald’s coffee”–and phone number, which led to numerous phone calls.

With so many possibilities, it would seem that you, too, can sue. But be forewarned: McDonald’s has plenty of money and lawyers. They’re not going to lose a lawsuit without a fight!

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5 Responses to Should you Sue McDonalds?

  1. (I do not want to tell) says:

    I want to sue mcdonalds Everywhere in londen They always ferget something and it isent on accdenit It happens everyday And i orders water and strawberry milkshake but i got vinillia and orange juice and large milkshake like is it so hard to ferget COMMAN WATER they do it every time and I want to sue mcdonalds to STOP RIGGING US

    and they dont even give us are proper stuff we ordered we should all sue mcdonalds

  2. Victoria Rasuk says:

    McDonald’s gave me a sandwich with a bun that was full of dirt. I called and ask they look at their CCTV but the manager assured me it was from a machine. I know my bun was dropped on the ground or handled with clothes that were not regularly replaced. I have pictures of my sandwich with dirt on it and I big dirty fingerprint. Should I sue. People can get sick. If I hadn’t looked at it before I picked it up, I would have gotten sick

  3. Manda Boone says:

    I recently had a chicken nugget that had a jagged bone in it. It cut my top roof of my mouth. It hurt! I can’t believe that ! If I was a child ? Wtf I contacted the store and spoke to the manger … nothing they acted like I did it to my self !!! I kept the clones nugger I still have it ! Yeah the offered me another box of nuggets …?!?! Like wtf no I don’t want more bones than you ! Thought that chicken was boneless and processed lol

  4. Alexandria Dean says:

    I found a jagged piece of metal in my Big Mac. My parents are trying to tell me that I can not sue them and all I will get is another Big Mac is that true?

  5. Gen Agustsson says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I am a long time customer of McDonald’s and I have moderate to severe allergies. I am allergic to gluten and meat because they made me sick. I am going to file a complaint to McDonald’s corporation that all McDonald’s should have gluten-free breads and soy patties. I am vegetarian since 17 yrs old in September 2009. Do I have to pay the lawsuit or do a lawsuit for free. I’m going to write a letter to McDonald corp. about not just having gluten and meat but varieties of gluten free breads and soy patties. I am on a special diet now. I was told by my doctors to be on a special healthy diets. I sometimes go to the doctors but not very much.

    Thank u very much

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